Having your bank account grow while you sleep is like a dream! Isn’t that what cannabis kaufen online sleep is for… dreaming? Happy dreams are good, Awesome dreams are when you dream of stuffing your duvet with money and not goose down…. and it comes true!! Jobs make us money when we are awake and at the office. Traditional businesses make us money while we’re at the office.

But online businesses make us money when we sleep. Hmmm what a concept. We have all heard about making money online. If you’re a bit adventurous you may have tried some of these ideas, and many of us have found out that some of them are not legit. Yep, Scams, Schemes, maybe robbery!. I have fell victim more than once. I have become overloaded by Get rich Quick opportunities and schemes alike. I have learned that it takes 2 main things to make money. You must be dedicated, and you must have a proven system. This holds true in traditional business and online. Lots of those around… systems!

Only a couple I have found really care if you make it. Step by step systems with SUPPORT. Real support! If you were looking for an online income system, internet money, a get rich thingy you will need help. I have found a couple systems that not only give you an owners manual, online support, but a real active forum. Oh did I mention that you need to be dedicated? Yep that’s important. During one of my most successful systems I read on day12 of a 30 day guide of “Have to do’s”, the author says, Great, day 12…. Most have quit by now… Day 12, and you quit? What’s up with that? I made a goal to see results in 4 months. I made it a goal to see real results in 2 years. Some of you are saying “No Way” I’m not waiting that long. OK fair, but my question to you is, what will you be attempting in two years from now if you don’t start something today? Starting another system ( maybe your 5th or 6th)? I remember graduating High school, and thinking I could get a job and start making money now. Why go to college?…4 years is way to long! Hmmm doesn’t seem like a bad idea now. So 4 months to see if it works… 2 years to success. Sure. now I’m not saying it took 4 months to see results, I just gave myself that long.

See I believe that we have to be true to ourselves and not put such high unrealistic demands or expectation in place. We just end up failing, or not achieving these dreams and become discouraged. Then one day we get an email or an ad goes across the TV and it reminds us of this non-success. I have had many financial failures, and am thankful that I have been persistent. Like any business out there online or not, many start small and takes time to build. You can build off a plan or system. There is a system that made me believe and has taught me the basics of success. It has also made my four month goal become reality. I have ranked it #1 I have others that I would consider awesome too, but my chosen one was a better fit for me personally, others may suit you better. I mentioned making money while you sleep and when you play. One of my most treasured memories and pictures is of my children playing in the mountains. One on her dirt bike, and one on her quad, they are on a trail, facing a mountain This is the dream I had for them, and my inspiration, an image that reminds me of the results of my effort.

So one thought about being dedicated. I would have failed a long time ago if I didn’t believe in persistence and dedication. This small article, I share with you today about online money making and my perseverance of weeding out the schemes took me 4 hours to write…… for a 3 minute read!!

Now for me… back to sleepin and dreamin!


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