Odessa is a melting pot of cultures and religions. All nationalities and all kind of travelers flock to this beautiful city. Since the early times, accommodation is a big business to this busy city, especially in the active trading ports, where traders from abroad would spend the nights enjoying the beauty of this city while doing business.

From then on, Odessa became popular which started with just word of mouth. Soon communications improved and now with the presence of international media topped by the fast relay of information via the internet, Odessa became even more popular as a tourist destination.

People around the world are attracted with what Odessa can offer. Some of the famous destinations are: Arcadia Beach, Vorontsov’s Palace, Botanical Gardens, Catacombs, Odessa City Hall, Deribasovskaya Street, Film Studio, Londonskaya Hotel, Krasnaya Hotel, Katherine the Great statue, Opera Theater, Odessa Passage, Pushkin Museum, Sea Port, Odessa Station, Odessa University, Park Pobedy, Philharmonic theater, Potemkin Stairs, Primorsky Boulevard, Privoz Market, Seventh-Kilometer Market, Shevchenko Park , Tsentralnyi-Chornomorets Stadium, and Vorontsov Lighthouse.

The influx of international tourists created the needed upgrading and development of accommodations. Nowadays, hotels and different kinds of accommodation flourish in the city. New ones are being built and old ones are being rebuilt and improved to compete in the satisfaction of invading customers.

Here are some of the popular hotels in Odessa, Ukraine:

Otrada Hotel- Made with 19th century building materials and designed by Ukraine updates    famous architects, this luxury hotel features 2 restaurants, sauna, fitness center, swimming pool, solarium, beautiful sun terraces and a beach club. It is also located in the upper end part of Odessa and close to the Otrada beach. Rooms start from EUR96.

Londonskaya Hotel- Offers cozy rooms and suites as well as the availability of Internet and air-conditioning. This hotel, which is located in the historical center of Odessa, offers excellent European and Ukrainian food. There are also added amenities such as sauna, a fitness room, solarium and massage services are available upon request. Rooms start from EUR79.

Frapolli Hotel- An architect manifesto. This hotel, which is located in the center of Odessa, houses a magnificent building. The interiors are stylish, lobby’s fireplace gives you ultimate comfort and the relaxing bar pleasures your dry mouth in an instant. The comfortable rooms and suites are wired for Internet access and the sauna and fitness center will surely give your body a contour you’ve been dreaming of. Rooms start from EUR43.


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