When I attended my first Christian marriage retreat a few years ago, I had to overcome a big misconception. When I got married, I believed that relationships built on a Christian foundation were stronger and less likely to fail. While I still believe this to be true, the reality is that a Christian couple faces the same marital trials and tribulations and hardships as Christian Retreat California any other couple. I’d like to share some information about Christian marriage retreats that could save your marriage.

What Exactly Is a Christian Marriage Retreat?

Typically these events are held in relaxing resort type locations where the couple feels like they are on a vacation. It may be something local like a hotel or spa, or a couple may choose to make a mini vacation out of it and travel to another city. Counselors and clergy will be on hand for group presentations, and also to interact individually with each couple to help them gain a better understanding of the problems they are facing and be able to put it into the context of their relationship with God.

What Happens Next?

This will be a private time for the couple to begin working on their own personal issues and experience closeness with each other. Under the guidance of a counselor, specific communication strategies will be discussed so that the couple can develop new ways to express their feelings and emotions. This is a very important part of restoring the love and understanding they felt when they first got married.

Benefits of a Christian Marriage Retreat

There are a number of benefits for the couples who attend these retreats. Among them are:

  • Get at the root of their problems and address these problems rather than continuing to ignore them, hoping they will go away. They won’t.
  • By hearing about the experiences of other couples at the retreat you can learn from their experiences and can often apply this to your own marriage. Many times there are couples in attendance who are “alumni” of these retreats and now have a rich and fulfilling marriage. They serve as examples to troubled couples because they have been there themselves.
  • These retreats almost without fail will help the couple to become closer to God and strengthen their faith in Him.

If you and your spouse are struggling in your marriage and would like to get outside help, a Christian marriage retreat can be extremely helpful. Remember, even Christian couples struggle and you can gather together with them to strengthen your marriage like never before!

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