Sure, all of the big CBD companies do the day-to-day things well – SEO, cbd tropfen kaufen email marketing, advertising, social media, etc.

More importantly, what are they doing to rise above the marketing clamor?

Once you start digging into them, you’ll find the following:

Their leaders all have compassion on their sleeves.

They give hope to the hopeless.

Their CBD is like manna from heaven for the insomniac, stressed, and downright sick among us that increasingly define life in the modern era.

It’s the critical difference behind a blueprint for going from the ordinary to the extraordinary in a super-fast growing industry.


Joy Smith’s CBD journey began when she carried books to a refugee camp.

That says a lot about her compassion for others.

During this mission, she picked up a suitcase upside down and tore her shoulder.

Her pain from this injury eventually grew so severe that she desperately sought relief.

On top of that, she was already struggling with hormonal issues and hadn’t had a full night’s sleep in over two years.

That’s when her son Gerrid suggested looking into CBD.

And, boy, did she!

First of all, she slept through the night after her first oral dose of CBD. She then got relief from her shoulder pain with a CBD cream.

At that point, her story would have been a great testimony.

For Joy, that was just the beginning.

According to Gerrid, his mother was so inspired by her experience that she went out and bought every CBD product in town.

It doesn’t take a mind reader to understand why. Someone who volunteers in a refugee camp on the other side of the world wants to help others.

Evaluating all the products she could find gave Joy the information she was looking for to give others hope for better health.

Joy has always wanted to bring comfort and compassion to as many people as possible. Her accidental discovery of CBD fitted her passion perfectly.

It wasn’t long before her entire family came on board to spread the gospel of CBD.

The vehicle for Joy’s CBD evangelism quickly became a family business, Joy Organics.

Three years later, Joy Organics has become a leader in the CBD industry.

The company continues to set high industry standards for excellence and integrity.

You do everything well.

However, what sets them apart from a crowded market is their standard of compassion.


I have to be honest. Despite my professional background as a plant chemist specializing in herbal medicine, I was initially skeptical of all the wondrous claims I saw about CBD.

It took some convincing from my wife to get me to see what CBD could do for a nagging problem I was having that was getting worse – poor sleep.

Each night of restless sleep put a damper on the next day.

I was on the verge of giving up ever sleeping well again.

Just like with Joy Smith, CBD worked wonders for me right away. Taking it before bed is now a nightly routine that I follow religiously. Without her my life wouldn’t be the same.

Even as a die-hard scientist, I can now personally attest to the wonder of CBD.


Joy Smith’s personal CBD story conveys her compassion for others.

It also gives hope to people who might otherwise have none.

These underlying emotions are very powerful drivers behind all supplement marketing, especially CBD.

At least they should be.


Joy Organics is one of a handful of CBD companies that are leading the way with compassion and hope.

Every single one of them has implemented this theme in all their marketing materials.

While the details of each company’s strategy vary somewhat, three elements stand out.

1) Create emotion-based materials in written and video formats.

Bring compassion and hope to the fore of every piece of content you post: website, landing pages, email series, social media posts—everything.

Focus on the history of the company’s origins, if it’s appropriate. Otherwise, collect stories from happy customers that express the same underlying feelings of compassion and hope.

Use such user-generated content to get others excited about your brand.

2) Harness the power of affiliates.

Affiliate marketing offers the opportunity to recruit and train other individuals to bring compelling emotions behind your brand to a wider network.

Design the affiliate selection process to attract people whose stories align with your company’s standards of helping others.

There are a dime a dozen good affiliate programs with nice non-forfeiting commissions.

Choosing the right partners that match the company’s compassion for others makes all the difference.

3) Influencer Marketing.

AdWeek called CBD marketing “…the toughest branding challenge of our time.”

The patchwork of regulations and downright advertising bans will continue to do so for quite some time.

This is where influencers come to the rescue. In fact, they were absolutely crucial to the massive boom in the entire cannabis market.


First, influencers already enjoy the trust of their followers.

Second, they can bypass strict advertising restrictions.

After all, they are born storytellers.

What stories? Stories of compassion and hope.

In other words, stories that emulate the company’s founders and leaders, but within a broader network.


Building a successful online presence depends on a huge amount of written material.

This means the type of writing that will grab people’s attention and make them buy your products.

It is more than just an ordinary information letter.

It’s persuasive writing.

This is the essence of good copywriting.

That’s where I come in

I’m an experienced copywriter in the alternative health niche.

As a bonus, I am also a research associate with cbd tropfen kaufen particular expertise in the chemistry of natural plant products.

While I may be biased, I think this is a pretty good combination for understanding and writing about CBD.

If you agree and want to talk about how I can help your CBD marketing, give me a call.

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