What is composting? Composting is two things. First it is a way to create your own beneficial natural soil amendment. Second it is a simple, efficient method to reduce solid waste materials at home. By including compost in gardening beds and planting holes you’re improving nutrients and enhancing soil texture. In addition, compost loosens heavy clay earth and boosts the water-holding capability of sandy soils.

A compost pile is basically a way to promote speedy decomposition of collections of plant and occasionally animal materials combined by combining them in a heap. Bacteria and fungi break down kompostownik z palet this organic and organic material into a soil-like consistency. These organisms require oxygen and water to survive. Turning the heap over supplies oxygen, and periodic watering helps keep it damp. If the pile is well prepared and the organisms are flourishing, it heats up rapidly and doesn’t give off any annoying smells. Finished compost that looks and feels like darkish, crumbly dirt generally takes less than a month to create.

The essentials of great composting are the same regardless of if you make your compost in an elaborate store-bought bin or simply in a freestanding pile. To obtain the best results, just follow these steps:

1. Start by assembling equal parts by volume of dried, brown, carbon-rich substances like old leaves or straw and fresh, green, nitrogen-rich substances like fresh-cut grass, green vegetation and vegetable kitchen wastes. But take care because not every substance belongs in an open compost pile. Farm animal manures are a safe source of nitrogen, but dog and cat waste can spread unhealthy organisms. Meat, fats, bones, and cooked foods decompose slowly, might be smelly, and may attract animal pests. Only add these to compost bins that close tightly. Avoid chemically treated lawn clippings and diseased plant material. Lastly, keep out tenacious weeds that spread by runners and roots, such as Bermuda grass and weeds which are about to go to seed.

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