Every player has a physical Vclubshop capability and swing all his own. Most of today’s top clubs can be custom fit for your unique characteristics in terms of shaft type, lie angle, length, size, and grip type. Custom golf club fitting involves several simple measurements and a quick assessment of your golf game. Golf club fitting has become so popular due to its many benefits to professional and non-professional golfers alike.

Why is it important to get a custom golf club fitting? It’s Vclubshop simply because during a fitting, the fitter will help you customize clubs that are tailor-fit for your unique swing. Regardless of your level as a player, having a customized club will guarantee that if you produce a good swing, your club will square at impact and will make a straight shot.

It’s important to be prepared and to know what to expect during the fitting session. To get a custom club fitting, you will be asked to provide some basic information and the fitter will get some quick measurements. Your gender, the distance from your wrist to the floor, your height, your skill level as well as your handicap, what specific club you use at the 135 yard marker, your age, and how fast you swing your club will be asked by the fitter. Make sure that you get a club fitting from a fitter with the expertise and experience to customize your clubs.

There are various methods of club fitting depending on the custom club manufacturer that you choose. Ultimately, they all have one goal in mind – to get you customized clubs that will better your game. The session will most likely begin with some simple measurements and a few questions about how you play your game. Then you will be given a club and will be asked to hit some balls. More measurements will be taken to ensure that the length of your club is Vclubshop suitable for you. Some have analysis equipment that can measure everything from the side spin of the ball, the angle in which the club approaches the ball to your club speed.

Whatever level you are as a player, getting a custom golf club fitting will help you make a straight shot at your target. That will surely save you some shots.

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