Most sports fans think it would be great to be a sports writer – you get to travel round the world watching all the great events live, and then get paid to write about it!
Sounds good, eh?
How about being a sports photographer?
The same thing applies, being paid to go and cover all the top events.
You might even win fancy awards!

The trouble is, that although you do indeed get to travel around the world, that particular novelty soon wears off, and the fact that you may ben in Italy one day, Dublin the next, and Bahrain the next would soon become a pain, living out of a suitcase, with no time to relax or settle.

And yes, although you do indeed get to see all those events in person, you can’t kick back and enjoy them, because you have a deadline to meet, and not only that, the quality of your work is always under pressure. 스포츠중계 

And let’s not forget that in order to get to the top of those particular ladders, you have had to spend years grafting your way up the ladder.
Anyone can start being a sports writer or photographer, and the competition is always snapping at your heels waiting to take your place.

So although the idea sounds nice, I choose not to follow those careers, preferring instead to relax, watching any sport I want live in the comfort of my own home, maybe with a nice drink in hand!

How do I do this?
I provide information to sports fans, that’s how.
With the advance of the internet, it’s possible to create and distribute information quickly and cheaply, for free in fact, so that’s what I do – I provide sports fans with information about how they can do the same as I do, earn enough money from sport to enjoy it at their leisure, earn enough money to match the earnings of all but the elite writers and photographers, to earn enough money to overtake the dayjob.

So, if you enjoy watching sport as much as I do, you can enjoy it even more by profiting from it like I do!

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