The power gained when you link social networking sites for internet marketing purposes is simply fantastic. When done well a bridge is built between all the major platforms and a single, coherent message comes from your marketing team out to all your fans and followers. Once you link social networking sites this way publicity campaigns become a breeze.

Taking advantage of the Features of Majo 메이저사이트 r Platforms
Building a great profile or promotional page on any of the big networks is fairly simple, inexpensive, and in most cases fun. It’s easy to add high impact images of you, your company, or your product – and doing so will naturally attract viewers to your profile.

That’s all well and good but it becomes an issue if you have a lot of products to promote – or worse still you are managing a series of promotional campaigns for celebrities or major companies. Time (or lack thereof) becomes a significant obstacle to keeping all your clients (and their fans/followers) happy. The point is that it is hard to consistently make great looking pages and keep them current for more than a handful of campaigns.

Advantages and drawbacks to Using Websites Like Twitter or Myspace
In my opinion, Facebook is the most important platform for internet marketing or web publicity use in almost all cases except the entertainment industry. This is where Twitter and Myspace tend to shine. Celebrities have made quite a following for themselves in numerous cases using Twitter to send quick messages out to the people following them. Likewise the heavily customizable features of Myspace allow artists’ individuality to really shine – particularly musicians looking to find their audience.

The drawback to using a site like Myspace is that it is so manually intensive to maintain. It is so much so that it is virtually impossible to move forward with any other projects once a commitment has been made to promote a band or artist on the Myspace platform. It becomes an albatross around the promoter’s neck.

Likewise Twitter becomes manually intensive, although not always for the promoter. More often than not, the Twitter account is personal to the artist or celebrity and as a result becomes something of a burden on their time as well. While more and more websites are making it easier to click out to Twitter for a status update, it still requires the user (or celebrity) to wait for the content to load and authenticate before processing – and we all know time is money to a celebrity.

Link Social networking Sites to Make more money
Where the publicist can really gain some time is by learning how to link social networking sites together to save time. Time is money right? The benefits of using the multiple platforms is obvious (because fans use / prefer different platforms). Having a presence on each of the big networks gives a publicist a bigger job but also a bigger impact. The ability to link social networking sites allows the clever publicist to leverage time and make more money – handling more clients and products at once.

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