Just a few days ago a friend enticed me to come listen to a healing meditation at her home. Little did I know what would occur when she placed the headphones on my head, instructing me to lie down, relax and just listen. As I closed my eyes, soothed by soft music and Belleruth Naparstek’s gentle kind voice, little did I imagine the changes that were being initiated in my ability to heal and change the scars from old post traumatic stress wounds…

Her gentle imagery was not forced, but invited me to journey into my heart, into damaged areas and then on to a bright light at the core. This guided imagery invited me to pick up the pieces and discover control of my own destiny where at times of my life I had felt I had none. I opened my eyes at the end of the cd, left for my next appointment saturated with a deep sense of rest and peace. I realized that as I would listen to more of this work, I would go through deep changes, need more sleep, allow myself to experience the process.

Little did I know what had been opened and initiated. I had never thought of myself as perhaps carrying around post traumatic stress. I thought that was more for those who had survived some terrible trauma, and yet there are many things we endure in life that can leave their scars. As my heart shifted, tears poured forth over the next few days. I was tired and needed sleep; I was more sensitive than usual. At the same time I knew this was all good and that some deep core change was taking place – just from one little 30 minute guided meditation. What would happen if I listened to more?

I was excited the floodgates had opened with such gentle prodding, and knew something amazing and good was taking place. I spent almost the entire night reading Belleruth Naparstek’s book “Invisible Heroes, Survivors of Truama and How They Heal” from cover to cover. She is a therapist who worked with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) for thirty years. She describes how she learned from her clients to go beyond traditional therapy (that just wanted to replay the wound), and how she discovered this magical way to work with the right brain, without approaching the wound directly. By gentle imagery she invites the wounded to take control of their life again, and shows them how ability to do so is inside of them.

“The bad news is that stress-related disorders are epidemic in our society. The good news is the new array of therapies that are truly effective in healing them. INVISIBLE HEROES is a package of hope for anyone whose life is compromised by the insidious effects of emotional trauma. This is one of those blessed books that deserves to be called life-changing.”–Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine and Healing Words

The best awareness I got from this book is this: the best way to deal with results of severe stress is not addressing the issue directly and rehashing till the mind gets over it (as in traditional psychology). Instead encouraging the right brain with the joys of life to create a much shorter path to overcoming the residual of any painful experience that has caused stress and panic, including more severe post traumatic stress disorder.

The truth is whoever we are and whatever our lives have been, we probably all carry some stress that makes us operate at less than our best, that open up the doors to illness and dilute our capability of wholeness. Bellaruth Naperstak has a guided imagery process available on cd for about $12 each (what else do we waste a few dollars on here and there that can be put towards our own well-being?) Her titles include: PSTD, Self Confidence and Success, Recovery from Surgery, Relaxation and Wellness, Help with Panic Attacks, Relieve Stress, Help You with Weight Loss, Combat Depression, Ease Pain and Anger and Forgiveness. Amazing Posting

She explains how deep stress actually changes our brain and survival hormones, causing patterns that affect body and emotion. Addressing these issues with her gentle techniques, Bellaruth Naparstek has seen wonderful and lasting recoveries. I can’t wait to get her several cds I ordered immediately, and begin changing the course of my own life for the better, even after all the years of work I’ve already done. It’s exciting to know I can change even more deeply and access my own ability to heal further. I’m telling everyone I know about this groundbreaking work – as one comment said this is probably the single most important book written in the field of psychology in 20 years.

Many of us can be counted among the walking wounded, suffering from what is now understood as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. A traumatic life event such as death of a loved one, being attacked, surviving a devastating event such as 911 or participation in a war zone all are obvious causes of post traumatic stress. However also included in the potential for ongoing effects are difficult childhoods ranging from passive and aggressive parents to more extensive abuse, even a severe drug experience qualifies, as there are many dealing with today.

Results of such chronic traumas can haunt us in various ways for many years. We compensate in one way or another and manage to survive, but at what loss? Today’s studies are now demonstrating traumatic stress causes variations in hormone levels such as adrenaline and natural opiates, as well as changes in the brain where perhaps logical abilities suffer in order to compensate.

Belleruth Naparstek’s book “Invisible Heroes, Survivors of Truama and How They Heal” is a brilliant gift to anyone who might discover they suffer from PTSD or any other residual of stress. She goes into easy to read detail with short excerpts from case histories to give us a deep understanding of the mechanism of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how it operates. From here she takes us on an amazing journey into the recovery process.


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